Main screen where you move the commanders. A random map is generated for each new game and the maps can later be altered by some rituals and special abilities.

The demonlogist's apprentice stands next to a small village. If conquered it will increase both his gold and sacrifice incomes.

The dracolion is one of the more powerful monsters. Its poison breath attack has the ranged* note on it. This means that the dracolion can use this weapon even in melee, doing this will give it a poison breath attack that targets an entire row (up to 20 enemies) instead of using its normal three attacks. It also has the fear, posion resitance and swamp move special abilities. The reason why it has wings and no flying ability is because no one had seen that little error before now. Next time it will be able to fly as well.

The witch and most other level 2 spellcasters get four random spells at the start of the game. From these you can choose 3 spells to be useable in battles.

The demonologist can choose how generous he should be when sacrificing humans to the demons. Smaller sacrifices means increased risk of the demon attacking instead of obeying. He can also summon demons without making any sacrifice resulting in an automatic battle. This is usually a bad idea, but at least demons often have magic weapons that you can take if you win.

This is one of the major demons. He is an accomplished spell caster, casting two spells per turn or attacking with his magic demon whip. Spellcasters usually only have a small chance of casting a spell if they are in melee so if fighting this demon you want to be close.

The necromaner can raise dead where there has been battles or in suitable locations like cities and graveyard. But raising the dead takes its toll on the necromancer's sanity. Before he gets too insane he should transform himself into a lich or a vampire. Liches can never go insane and vampire can cure insanity by feeding on villages.

The hill giant has a siege attack in addition to his normal club attack. So when attacking or defending a fortress he will start by throwing boulders before the regular combat start, at which point he will continue fighting with his club. Normal siege engines like catapults also have siege attacks.

The beholder is probaly a bit more powerful than the other powerful monsters show here. It has cast spell** attacks. The ** means it will always use this attack and in addition to other attacks. So apart from casting 6 spells per turn it will also bite for 1-4 points of damage if it's in melee.

The Troll King's mother is capable of scrying and of making the forests come alive. Forests that have been turned alive by the troll mum will reanimate any animals or humanoids that dies within it. The forests will also get shadow trees or magic fungus that will attack those foolish enough to enter. Most animated plants are stealthy within the forest and cannot be seen by normal troops.

The Troll King can recruit goblins, ogres, trolls and giants. The trolls require iron, so it's important to secure a mine or two to get these high quality troops.

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