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The Illwinter Game Installer is an installer creator for Linux. All application files are compressed into a single linux executable making it highly suitable for web downloads. The Illwinter Installer is very easy to use both for the game developer and the end user.

Creating an installer is simply the matter of running the illinstaller command line application like this for instance: illinstaller --menustrategy --icon datafiles/coe.xpm --foldername coedemo --xpm coebanner.xpm coe datafiles/* . That would create a standalone installation file for CoE that creates a menu entry among strategy games and a suitable icon in the menu. The installer would also display the coebanner.xpm image during installation, screenshot.


* Multithreaded, starts unpacking data even before you have chosen where to install it.
* High performance, utilizes multiple cpus if possible.
* Easy to use for both end user and developer.
* Installation location is stored in a simple text file.
* Checks for available disk space and write permissions.
* Uses bzip2 compression.
* Installation file is a single executable file.
* Graphical, uses GTK.
* Can install menu entries in many Gnome and KDE menus.
* It is free, but it is not open source.

So now you must wonder what is bad. Well, you can't make a really complicated installation with it, like installing from multiple CDs or installing some shared libraries if they are needed.


Installer for Linux x86 (ver 1.20):

Installer for Linux ppc (ver 1.20):


illinstaller --help list all the available command line switches.

--xpm XXX This switch sets the banner for the installer. XXX should be an XPM file that is 294x74 pixels large.
This file should not be included among your files to be installed.

--icon XXX XXX should be a PNG file that will be used as an icon in the Gnome and KDE start menus. Alpha transparency can be used to make see through parts. A size of 64x64 pixels is ok. This file must also be included among your files to be installed.

--foldername XXX XXX is the default name of the directory where your game will be placed (e.g. --foldername coedemo). This is also the name of your install location file. So in the previous example the install location file would be created as /usr/local/.install_locations/coedemo or ~/.install_locations/coedemo . XXX mustn't contain any spaces.

Finding out where my game is installed

The Illwinter Installer always creates an install location file that contains the path where your game is located. This file contains one line of text that says where your game is located e.g. /usr/local/games/CoE . There may or may not be a few line feeds (\n) or returns (\r) at the end of that line. Read this file to find out where all your data files are located. See --foldername to find out where the install location file is installed.

Version History

Version 1.30
* Text mode installation possible with the --textmode switch

Version 1.20
* No longer requires libbz2

Version 1.10
* The first one

Questions and suggestions concerning the installer can be sent to