Dominions 4

Dominions 4 version history

Version 4.31

This updated fixes two circumstances that would result in the battle replay diverging from what actually happened. There are also a few crash fixes and the usual stat fixes and improvements to modding.

Choose ritual target did not remember old province names
Battle inconsistency involving Nazca fixed
Fix for battle inconsistency involving reincarnation units
Large turn files (>10 MB) could crash network game server
Host crash bug fix
New frame rate setting (120 fps)
Clear the orders of mercenaries when changing ownership
Called Horrors are summoned at edge of battlefield
Item rules are enforced immediately after polymorph
Slave vessels get rid of feeblemind
nowish (monster wish immunity) didn't work
Dragon girl is no longer cold blooded
More Stat fixes
Typos fixed

PD can use montags
Season shapes take effect earlier
Unique commander summoning can use montag
Polymorph caster ritual effect (10127)
Couldn't give orders to troops with nation IDs over 200

Linux/Mac OSX
Sleep 10 ms before forking each process

Version 4.30

This update comes with bug fixes for drowning immortals and network servers as well as improvements to modding.

Drowning will now trigger immortality and similar effects
Stale connections were not reclaimed during Waiting for Participants, could result in waiting forever to connect.
2 friendly currents will now cancel each other out
Cheat check for non researched rituals & forging
Autohealer will now result in high pretender cost
Protection of Geryon immune to forge rebates
nohomelandnames resulted in too much population in Ermor
More mobile friendly status page for network games
Set correct home province for far summoned commanders
Impassable borders no longer counted for start locations
Bug fix for melee range weapon aiming
Improved weapon info
Metal armor fixes
Stat fixes
Event fixes

Execute mods before browsing pretenders
New monster mod commands: #nowish, #springshape (x4)
New monster/item mod command: #addupkeep
New monster mod commands: #almostundead, #almostliving
Create temporary units in their correct shape
Fix for temp summonings with montags
Show icon for negative mastersmith ability too

Linux / Mac OSX
Flush gl queue before forking

Details for new mod commands
    (this monster cannot be wished for)
    #springshape  | "monster name"
    #summershape  | "monster name"
    #autumnshape  | "monster name"
    #wintershape  | "monster name"
    (changes into another monster when this season is active)
    (upkeep will be calculated as if the unit cost this much more to recruit)
    (unit will require undead leadership to lead)
    (unit will not require undead leadership to lead, even if undead. This command must come after the undead command.)

Version 4.29

This update comes with new commands for modders, bug fixes and some other small improvements.

Incorrect value for darkvision shown in stats
AI could construct forts under water even with land nations that shouldn't
Blood Vortex incorrectly gave events in non-blood vortex provinces.
Fort repair strength for mindless units was incorrect
Start options --mapdirt/col/size didn't work
Transformation can no longer transform to the same creature
Potential battle inconsistency fix
Removed false warning in debug log
Increasing PD could result in negative gold left
Added popups in map filter menu
Make sure CPU doesn't sleep unnecessarily
Error checks for write failure to fatherland file
Better error handling for missing or corrupted files
Blood Slaves are now properly tagged as females
Shade Beast size 1 -> 2
Dog size 2 -> 1
Event fixes
Description fixes
Stat fixes

New event modding command: #exactgold
New item/monster commands: #airshield, #overcharged
New item commands: #heat, #cold
New monster commands: #monpresentrec, #ownsmonrec
New site commands: #summonlvl2, #summonlvl3, #summonlvl4
Death power can be negative for growth power
#req_fornation couldn't be used many times
#req_gold didn't work
#req_cave didn't work
#guardspirit can now use negative values

Details for new mod commands
    #exactgold [gold amount]
    (like the event command #gold, except that this amount is exact and does not vary at all)
    #airshield [0-100]
    (airshield stops incoming missiles)

    #overcharged [stun dmg]
    (overcharges will give AN shock stun damage to attackers)
    #heat [aoe]
    (heat aura)

    #cold [aoe]
    (chill aura)
    #monpresentrec [monster nbr] | "monster name" | [-montag]
    (this monster can only be recruited if a unit of "monster name" type is present in the recruiting province)

    #ownsmonrec [monster nbr] | "monster name" | [-montag]
    (this monster can only be recruited if a unit of "monster name" type is owned by the recruiting player)

    #summonlvl2 [monster nbr] | "monster name" | [-montag]
    (like #summon, except that the mage summoning must be at least level 2)
    #summonlvl3 [monster nbr] | "monster name" | [-montag]
    (like #summon, except that the mage summoning must be at least level 3)
    #summonlvl4 [monster nbr] | "monster name" | [-montag]
    (like #summon, except that the mage summoning must be at least level 4)

Version 4.28

This update has some bug fixes and tweaks as well as some new modding features. It should also fix the sound that stopped working for Mac users that updated to OSX version 10.12.

Can change battle log details from battle menu
A few wishes got improved effects
Added a few missing adjustments when viewing strength details
Curse of Stones now affects units when they fly as well
Don't remove slave/master-vessels from overpopulation
Army of rats didn't result in the battle fright it was supposed to
Potential crash during host fix
Memory leak fixed
Description fixes
Stat fixes

Now possible to start dominions even when a mod is missing its name
New monster commands: #homeshape, #foreignshape, #addrandomage
New monster/item command: #blessfly
Can use #nextspell 0 to remove nextspell
#berserk fix
#slothpower now works for monsters too

Portaudio support
Portaudio is default for OSX 10.12 and later

Details for new Monster Mod Commands
#homeshape "monster name" | [monster nbr]
(unit becomes this type of monster when it is located in its home province (province where it was summoned or recruited))

#foreignshape "monster name" | [monster nbr]
(unit becomes this type of monster when it is located outside its home province (province where it was summoned or recruited))

#addrandomage [years]
(adds a die of 1-years (open ended) to the age for new units of this monster)

(will be able to fly when blessed)

Version 4.27

This update has a bunch of modding improvements, mainly raising some modding limits so that more modded nations can be enabled at once. The new version has been tested with the help of nationgen and a mod creating 75 random nations works fine now. There are also the usual general improvements and bug fixes as well as some tweaks to the AI.

Domes and some other enchantments are no longer visible in battles
Communion single target spells didn't affect non commander slaves
Strength enchantment bonus from some spells now printed in stats
Battle log fix for protective force
Therodos Kourete didn't spawn under ally's control
Stream of Life now causes internal damage
Faster setting up start positions for games with huge number of players
Slothpower didn't work correctly
Description fixes
Event fixes
Stat fixes

AI don't cast sea globals when there are too few sea provinces
Spell AI improvements

Increased max number of descriptions with about 2000
Increased max number of events 4000 -> 5000
Increased max number of magic abilities with 2000
Max nation number increased 199 -> 249
Mod parsing no longer sees e.g. #berserker as #bers
#clearrec also clears all terrain dependent recruitment for a nation
New commands #landrec and #landcom for recruitment in all overwater forts for uw-nations

Details for new Nation Mod Commands
#landrec "monster name" | [monster nbr]
(This unit can be recruited in overwater forts. Only use this command for underwater nations)

#landcom "monster name" | [monster nbr]
(This commander can be recruited in overwater forts. Only use this command for underwater nations)

Version 4.26

This is mostly an AI & UI patch. Most of the work has gone into improving the late game behavior of the AI. It should now be able to utilize its resources more efficiently and be more likely to get to a position where it can cast high level rituals. There has also been some improvements to the user interface, like more 'goto province' buttons on messages, shift click support in more places and more keyboard shortcuts.

God & nation popup in global enchantment screen
Darkvision from throne bless was counted twice
Fixed some bonuses when viewing att/def details
Goto province for scout attacked messages
Goto province for more ritual messages
ctrl+s to view saved orders (army setup screen)
Message for fort construction completed
Shift transfers 5 gems at a time
Keyboard shortcuts f/a/w/e/... to transfer gems to commander
Gem transfer box can be closed by Return as well
Shift changes PD 5 steps at a time
+/- can also be used to change PD
Ice Strike now causes slashing damage
Transformation & feeblemind/mindless fix
Strands of Arcane Power cannot be cast by mindless casters
Blind & losteye fix
Stat & cost fixes
Typos fixed

Be less willing to do suicidal attacks
Recruitment improvements
Learned to cast a few more type of rituals
Forge item choice improvements
Improved magic item distribution
Dedicated ritualist for improved high level ritual casting
Empowerment tweaks
Improved preaching behavior
Spell AI no longer targets destruction/rust at units with only natural protection

Multiple same type of event effects didn't work
Removed false warning for #flagland

Version 4.25

Ys is a new nation that comes from Ker-Ys that was once the most splendid city in the world. Long ago Ker-Ys was sunken far beneath the waves to protect the Tuatha living there and has not been seen since then. Now with the coming of the new god the city has risen from beneath the waves and the splendor of the bronze-walled city has returned for all to witness. In addition to a new nation there has been work to ensure that really huge battles run smoothly as well as many balance changes, mostly by tweaking the costs of units. There are also the usual bug fixes and some minor new features.

New nation: Ys (middle ages)
Performance improvement for battles
Viewing enormous battles could crash the game
Fixed graphical glitches for enormous battles
Can now delete old network connections with Del
Number of old network connections saved increased, 6 -> 8
Typos fixed
Event fixes
Stat and description fixes
Balance changes, many units have tweaked costs or stats
Master Smith info printed on magic items
Age 10 years after Bind Demon Lord didn't work
Casters will spread out Encase in Ice more
Therodos dominion now creates ghosts for disciple forts as well
Ermor/Lemuria random gods starts with sloth 3
Mindless are not affected by feeblemind
Mindless cannot get feeblemind/dementia from ordinary means
Mind Hunt & Astral Projection cannot be cast by mindless
Split Teleport icon into Teleport/Blink

Fix for reading 64-bit values from mods on Mac OSX
Master ritualist fixes
#twohanded should work now
Modding nametypes cleared Oceania names

Version 4.24

This is a small bug fix update that mainly fixes a few annoying bugs with modded game that were introduced in version 4.23.

Event fix
Fix for caster only losing a limb when he should die instead
Fixed bug preventing mod .trn files from being found
Remove keyfiles on fail.

Fix for reading 64-bit values on windows
Game crashed when running a game after running a modded game

Version 4.23

New monsters for early R'lyeh: Grandmother, Androleth, Androdai, Abodai
New ritual for Aboleths: Mind Vessel
Turn limit for arrival of the more powerful heroes
Event fixes & new events
UW units for MA/LA Xibalba and LA Mictlan
Fort PD for MA/LA Xibalba and LA Mictlan
Slaves now have halved upkeep
Fix for incorrect seduction message
Remove floating text when exiting battle replay
Description for Favored of Enki
Solar Brilliance cannot be cast in caves
Cursed items changed width of magic item treasury
Changed temple picture for Ur
Rebate for shape shifter gods wasn't shown correctly
Gorgon can no longer petrify stone beings
g can now be used instead of # for goto province number
Foul Vapors got wrong enchantment icon in battle
Fixed host crash involving Strands of Arcane Power
File handle cleanup
Fix for potential battle inconsistency with Vafur Flames
Another potential battle inconsistency fixed
Therodos popkill lowered
Therodos spectres increased/decreased with death/growth
Therodos slight increase in freespawn spectres
Therodos reduction in freespawn sacreds
Ephor cost 8 -> 7
Therodian Philosopher cost 8 -> 11
Morale malus from dominion does not affect undead
Ermor and Lemuria morale malus
Dancers size 2 -> 3
Korybantes recruited in couples (limit 2)
Korybantes descr changed
Polypal spawn could not deal damage at all. Got new tiny tentacle with dmg 1.
More bronze weapon stat fixes
Less iron equipment on underwater troops
Memory cleanup after using lists
Make sure incorporate cannot give negative effects
Fix potentially weird host bug
More responsive random map creation
Typos and stat fixes

Map Editor
Insert/remove province didn't move along names and special borders

Smaller icon for pulseaudio

Better cleanup after mods
Some commands take 64-bit values
No more 'pointless ...fx' after setting an ability to zero
First/secondshape can now use negative montag values
New weapon commands: #natural, #internal
New spell commands: #nogeosrc, #onlyatsite, #notfornation, #farsumcom
New monster commands: #slothpower, #mindslime
New item commands: #sneakunit, #mindslime
New nation command: #killcappop
New event mod command: #transform

Details for new Mod Commands
#farsumcom "monster name" | [monster nbr]
(sets the commander for farsummoned units to somthing other than the normal units)

#notfornation [nation nbr]
(restricts a spell so that it cannot be used by this nation)

#transform "monster name" | [monster nbr]
(transforms commander determined by target requirements into another type of monster)

#slothpower [nbr]
(becomes more powerful in sloth dominion)

#mindslime [area]
(grants the mindslime ability)

#sneakunit [stealth value]
(this item will grant stealth to nonstealthy units)

(natural weapons are not affected by flaming arrows and weapon blesses)

(internal damage hits inside the body and cannot be negated by effects like mirror image, mist form, mossbody, etc)

#nogeosrc [terrain mask]
(spell cannot be cast from any of these terrains)

#onlyatsite "site name" | [site nbr]
(ritual can only be cast in a province with this site)

#killcappop [percent]
(kills a percentage of the capital's population when the game starts. Value can be negative to increase population instead)

Version 4.22

This is a bug fix patch that makes sure Asphodel can reanimate again and that the music fades properly.

Purgatory doesn't affect allies
Wrath of the sea didn't affect coastal provinces
Asphodel reanimation works again
Music fading out didn't work properly on many computers
Missing descriptions added
Monthly casting of certain rituals didn't work
Vengeful water fix
Underwater teleport fix
Stat and description fixes
Various nation fixes

Version 4.21

Just a small bug fix patch.

Event fixes
Stat fixes & typos
Battle music didn't stop when exiting battle with 'n'
Don't bail out when someone uses an empty nametype
CD-key check fixed

Version 4.20

This update focuses on the underwater part of Dominions. A new underwater nation is available as well as a bunch of new underwater pretenders to choose from. Many of the old underwater nations have also got some new recruitment options. There has also been some work to make the AI better as well as more modding, more random events and the usual bug fixes.

New nation: Therodos
UW resources increased 25%
Press 'r' when designing pretender to get a random design
Dominion less likely to spread across sea-land borders
Horror chances altered
Being dead will make horror marks fade away over time
New summon spells: Flame Jelly, Bishop Fish
Oceanian lore rewritten
Oceania turmoil in coastal provinces, order in land/sea provinces
Haliades replaces Bishop Fish as oceanian priests
Initiates of the Deep, deep seer: lore remake
Witness of the Deep, Soldier of the Deep
Capricorn and Siren coastal recruits and chaos rebate
New unique items for Marignon and R'lyeh
Improved magic item info
UW pretender rebates and nation restrictions
Dagon remade (grab and swallow instead of trample)
New story events
Save and exit also marks turn as unfinished
Pelagian/oceanian name lists
Replaced some iron with meteoritic iron
Starting position improvements
Mummy Nazca Arena fix
Chakram flysprite
Double flysprite bug removed
Academy underneath didn't produce lab
Rainbow enchantment now affected buy own luck effect
Bodyguard mrl bonus bug fixed
Philosopher icon
Fullscreen resolution defaults to desktop resolution instead of highest
Updated tip of the turn
Some new bronze and iron weapons and armors
Some more units got weapons and armors changed
Giants reanimated into correct shape
Berserk bless (war-dance)
Lanka description now mentions blood hunt bonus/malus in turmoil/order
Couldn't cast spells if you had two 'life long protection' items
Send Dream Horror castable at UW provinces
Assassins must be stealthy to be able to assassinate
The four Balams are now unique
EA/MA Pelagia nation descr changes
Pelagian Mystic
Iron armaments rust in the sea
Rust permanent until repaired
Damaged weapons/armors lower dmg/prot
New poptypes: Ichtyid shaman, Bone Tribe barbarians
New mermen/ichtyid sites
Mermage & Pelagian Mermage remake
Pelagian Explorer
Enkidu Headhunter & Bone Tribe Headhunter Club -> Skull Club
EA Pelagia Hero
Turtle Warriors Javelin -> Coral Tipped Javelin
New Pelagian coastal recruits
Mermage/priest sprite remade
New 'rusty armor' icons
UW indeps a bit weaker
Lower throne no longer appears UW
Divine Glyph and Baphomet magic beings
Can't compete in arena while sneaking
Ancient kraken doesn't lose Ink attack if equipped with weapons
Abomination doesn't lose tentacles if equipped with copper arm and weapons
Macaw and Condor got headslots
New switch: --listnations
Some new throne defenders can appear now
Some nations got pretender discounts
Many typo, stat and event fixes
Non-commander communion possible
Theurg Communicant -> not commander
Theurg Communicant rec-limit 1
Theurg Communicant cost 35 -> 50
Option --partamount didn't work properly
Battlefield spell didn't affect everyone in enormous armies
Particles effects didn't look properly in huge battles
Minor memory leak fixed
National underwater PD takes precedence for local UW PD
Faster battle deployment for huge skirmish armies
Murdering Winter less effective vs commanders
Murdering Winter cost 50 -> 40
Flames from the Sky cost 35 -> 30
Thetis Blessing research level 9 -> 7
Therodos got proper names
Music can now start with a rare tune
Sirens are cheaper to recruit when Lure of the Deep is up
Looming Hell slightly harder to defend against
Vengeful Water less effective and cost 50 -> 70
More ability modifiers printed
Shambler base cost 25 -> 20
Cannot try to send more than 32 messages
Friendly Currents didn't affect encumbrance properly
Soul Leech and Consume Soul cannot be repelled
New network option (--maxholdups) to run over serial stallers
New network option (--timeleft) to set nbr of hour to first host
Auto refresh for html statuspage
Auspex could be pathed though the sea, fixed
Looming Hell vs stealthy didn't work properly
Berytian Melqarts reduced blood sacrifice
Land/Water shape recruitment fix

Certain nations more likely to go for good bless effects
Smarter pretender god design
Can make pretenders with high levels of blood magic now
Fixed bug where AI for blood and death nations could waste up to 80 DP
More likely to buy holy units when having a good bless
Army and PD strength evaluation improved
Higher score for scripted spells

#aigoodbless, #aimusthavemag
#aifirenation, #aiairnation, #aiwaternation, #aiearthnation
#aiastralnation, #aideathnation, #ainaturenation, #aibloodnation
Deserter abilities now work for non commanders too
New unit mod commands: #incscale, #decscale, #reform, #domrec, #haltheretic
New item mod commands: #incscale, #decscale, #reform, #haltheretic
New nation mod command: #noforeignrec
Eventmodding #req_notnation didn't work
#blessbers, #uwheat, #hpoverslow, #poisonskin, #xploss, #enchrebate50

no multi processes on low memory machines

Version 4.17

This patch mainly fixes a few bugs introduced in the previous update.

Alchemy cheat detect bug fixed
Deadeater bug fix
Pretender autocalc tweaking
Pretender cost tweaking
National pretender cost reductions shown in popup
Description fixes
Supaya reanimation gave wrong info on numbers reanimated
Man-Eater got flick barb attack
Criosphinx no helmet slot
Some start troop fixes
Ghost Riders and some similar rituals didn't work properly

Fixed bug in new poptype modding that made many commands useless

Version 4.16 (Pretender patch)

This version has revised costs for all pretenders and the amount of design points available has been increased by 150 for pretenders and 100 for disciples. There are also a bunch of new pretenders to choose from and the dominion spread mechanic has been tweaked to make it easier to play with a low dominion score. There are also various performance improvements, bug fixes, new mod commands and new random events.

More varied pretender costs and +150/+100 design points
Pretender cost auto calculation
Dominion spread chance changed to 50% + dom str*5%
Shape changing units can die in one strike if it's powerful enough to kill the next shape too.
Auto kill occurs 20 rounds later to give more time for auto rout.
Rainbow didn't affect allies, fixed
New monster pretenders
Some new pretender titles
Changed the selection of pretenders for some nations
New graphics/sounds for some spells
Adding thrones to .map files automatically adds ascension points too
Independent wizards got more spells researched
Can select players with only 1 nation in era
New throne effect 'Dominion conflict bonus'
Mercenaries no longer drown when unhired
Siren's lure didn't work, fixed
Monolith could blink and use stygian paths
Wish fix
Nicer handling of corrupted turn files
Geoglyph didn't reduce MR properly
Supaya reanimation changes
Print 'defence negates' on those weapons
Void Lord cannot have helmet
Serpent tailed pretenders can wear armor
Battle performance improvement
Host performance improvement
uw stat, spells and item fixes
Dragons did not use ammo for breath weapon in melee
Slash/Pierce weapons only gets -1 penalty under water
Underwater non pierce penalty fix
Stone beings not affected by plague or disease
New magic item for Nazca
Crumble was way too effective
Send horror resulted in one horror too many
Theft of the Sun now affects resources too
Don't auto summon units when you have fled the field
Max number of commanders increased 9990 -> 20000
Max number of units increased 160000 -> 250000
New option: --maxunits to limit number of units
Disease effect on death blessed arrows didn't work
Ethereal did not offer protection against some non damaging spells
Xibalba UW defence fix
Improved gem cheat detection
Cheat detection fix for mercs
Random map generation speedup
Improved dirt generation on random maps
New switches for random maps: --mapdirt, --mapdirtcol, --mapdirtsize
Minor memory leak fixed
Game info says whether story event are enabled or not
Snow/Rain/Sea graphics performance improvement
Altered snow and rain fall
Site power that kills undead & demons only affected undead
Swamp survival boots didn't help against miasma
Azi and Drakon have 3 head slots
Demonic Locusts
Dementia didn't heal correctly
Gossamer Cloth etc didn't give properly rounded scout reports
Bug fix for shape shifting units starting with magic items
Flying raiders needed 10000 patrollers to get caught
Xibalba dart throwers in towers has dmg value 12 instead of 0
Corpse Eater icon
Pretender discounts can now be set per nation
Stat fixes
Site fixes
Events updated
Typos fixed

AI lab building improvements
AI Mictlan more likely to blood sacrifice
AI gem usage fix

New poptype mod commands: #defunit1, #defmult1, #defcom1, etc.
New mod commands: #disableoldnations, #clearallevents
New mod commands: #batstartsum6d6 ... sum9d9
New mod commands: #req_targitem, #req_gold, #killpop, #removesite
Event mod command renamed #newsite -> #addsite
New unlimited always event (rarity 5) for modding
Rarity 13 events also happens at low population levels
New nation mod commands: #cheapgod20, #cheapgod40

Version 4.14

2 completely new nations: Xibalba (EA, MA & LA) and Nazca (MA)
Mace dmg 4 -> 5
Horror improvements
Improved battle reports for some attacks with temporary monsters
Icons for Disease Res and Dominion Spreader
Network protocol updated, server & client must be updated at the same time
Better enforcement of magic item rules
Wrong icon for battle menu
Typos and stat fixes
Star of Heroes only strikes one magic armor part at a time
Wrong range for multiple missile weapons
Transformation bug fixed
Internal damage (e.g. incinerate, disintegrate) always hits body
Event update
New epithets
Pretender and disciple blesses all units every round
Added some descriptions that were missing
Improved magic item info
Updated insanity orders
Could not use magic item rituals while sieging
Enforce no orders for undisciplined squads
One unit too much from certain send spells
Onaqui random S -> random F
Some rituals could pass through domes unhindered, fixed
New ability: Poisonous Skin
Units target random squares in battle more often
Spell name change: Blood Vengeance -> Damage Reversal
Coastal income bonus info bug fix
Scrying from sites was broken
Squad size not updated after 'remove unable units'
Heart Finding effect now an internal damage
Changes to Erinya's weapons
Wild Hunt conj 9 -> 7
Kindly Ones conj 9 -> 8
Sorcerer pretender for MA Machaka was missing
Bouda pretender for EA Machaka was missing
Barrier (artifact) cannot be used by mounted units
Nonmounted units -2 def / attack, mounted -1 def / attack
New mod command: #limitedregen
Cannot steal mercs blood slaves with 'V'
Graphics for Seraphine/High Seraph prophets were missing
Overpopulation improvement
False cheat detection during fort construction fixed
Random event monster count bug fix
Vengeance of the dead did not ignore orders like other assassinations
Too much info in F1 in certain circumstances
File handle leak fixed
Theurg communicants did not work properly
Negative forge bonus did not work
Valkyrie got light lance like other flyers

AI war states now reset between games

Event modding added (over 200 new mod commands)
Possible to make global ritual and nation effects with event modding
Modding: #holyboost didn't work properly
New mod commands: #raiseonkill, #raiseshape, #prophetshape, #insane
New mod commands: #clear (for weapons and armors), #copyweapon, #copyarmor
New mod command: #diseaseres
Mod downloading during game setup could lock up the game
Modded nations with nation number > 127 didn't work with network play
Mod #dmg can take higher numbers
Modding: Heat-/Coldrec 0 now works

Version 4.10

Disciples now have half the prison time of pretenders
Turn generation performance improvements
Coast & cave income bonus for forts printed
Wooden towers could not be built
No coast fort income bonus during storms or ice
Some pretender cost changes
Caelum can no longer have the Virtue
Berytos coast income bonus 25 -> 10
Star of Heroes can destroy magic armors too
Flails extra bad underwater
Spenta and Gannag lost invulnerability
Ahura of water has reduced retinue
Improved siege message
Casting Iron Walls on sieged castles adds to defence
Regain AP up to at least 2 each round
Some sites can no longer appear in caves
Black Mirror ritual can now only be cast by astral mages
Impassable border type
Crown of Overmight autocasts its spell
New magic items: Champion's Cuirass and Armor of Knights
Spectral Shield protection 7 -> 15
Flying units never get more fatigue than for 20 squares
New hero for Ragha
Random artifacts removed from random events
Temple gem income shown in temple info
New spells known for independents
Arm loss removal from Picus's axe didn't result in drop of magic weapons
'V' to pool blood slaves to a commander
Click pretender name to goto pretender
Moloch can be chosen by Abysia
Axes of rulership only 1 attack, but improved stats
Iron blizzard increased fatigue
Some more spells got blunt/slash/pierce damage
Magma Bolt got a secondary burn effect
Berytos Summon Se'ir now only summons one being
Plants cannot be turned into soulless
Scrying from sites now happens before rituals and battles
Some spell effects were not affected by some scale altering effects
Proper fly rules regarding earthquake immunity
Throne of Air airshield 20 -> 40
Burn damage dependent on size
Improved spell sorting
Transformation Alt 7->6, nature 3->2
Transformation ritual improvements
Knight & Knight Commander sprites updated
Lost eyes and arms did not always heal properly
Scoregraphs can go higher
Shrunken gnomes now get reduced Str/HP as well
Improved sacred rules
Encased in ice could last after battle
Mexican female gods didn't get proper names
Descriptions for Sobek heroes
EA Caelum defense no longer has Iron Crows
Missing slave guardian added for R'lyeh
Rain enchantment now makes it snow in cold provinces
Rain and snow fixes
Rain only doubles the spell's fatigue (not enc) for fire battle spells
Rain heat aura reduction 3 -> 2
New spell: Vermin Feast
Item already forged takes priority over insufficient skill level
Network tried to download nonexisting file after your were eliminated
Communion fatigue drain fix
Scrollbar in province chronicles works now
Rain of Toads research 4->5, cost 10->20, unrest 40->30
Forest Dome research 7->6
Gift of Health research 6->7, nature 5->6
Summon Se'ir -> Scapegoats (summons 2 se'ir)
Dome of Flaming death has a chance of destroying lab
Error if failing to delete old game in network game as well
Death Curse has no magic resistance roll
Return keypress can exit view throne screen
Fata morgana affects team mates too
Fata morgana PD only works in friendly dominion
Mechanical Militia and Guardians of the Deep affects team mates too
Improved weapon info for lesser swallow
Summon giant rituals cheaper
Unburied corpses decay slightly faster
Resistances against shock/cold stun didn't work properly
Gift of Kurgi protective force 10 -> 20
Typos fixed
Many stat fixes

Improved AI spell targeting regarding MR

Auto mod download didn't work while setting up a new game.
Automatic mod error check after enabling a mod
#nofemale and #onlyfemale removed
New nation command: #templegems
New monster commands: #xpshape, #command, #magiccommand, #undcommand, #startingaff, #fixedresearch
New monster commands: #slothresearch, #startitem, #iceforging, #scalewalls, #heatrec, #coldrec
New monster commands: #aciddigest, #acidshield, #drake, #dungeon
New monster commands: #plant, #transformation, #...attuned
New item commands: #clearallitems, #command, #magiccommands, #undcommand, #noimmobile
New item commands: #onlyimmobile, #slothresearch, #iceforging, #scalewalls, #aciddigest, #acidshield
New weapon commands: #dt_aff, #uwok, #nouw
New spell command: #clearallspells
Modding: can use 0 values on magic items
Modding: max length for descriptions 1000 -> 2000
Modding: #restricted didn't work properly on magic items
Improved error messages for modding

Version 4.07c

Slow to Recruit commanders still didn't work properly

Version 4.07b

Slow to Recruit commanders didn't work properly
Wrong PD commander for Ragha

Version 4.07

This update adds a new version called Ragha to the late era and also updates Caelum in all eras. There are also a lot of bug fixes and various new features.

New nation called Ragha
Caelum nations have got some new/altered units, equipment, descriptions and sites
Ice Crafting for MA Caelum
Ice Lances have charge ability
Many new Pretenders for Caelum and Abysia
New Summons for Caelum/Ragha
New national spells for Caelum/Ragha
Can only blood sacrifice in own lands
Just Man's Cross is now armor piercing
Event fixes and new events
Could transform into a ... with Transformation ritual
Awe now printed among bless effects
Never healing wound now gives -20% of start HP instead of -20% of modified HP
Chi Kick is now a bonus weapon
Improved error detection for map loading
Fixed unit2com inconsistency bug when viewing casualty reports
Increased chance of getting the better divine titles
New divine titles
HTML status page divided by teams
Smooth scrolling for GUI
Fliers get size*2 as charge damage if it exceeds the old AP/3
Added 2048*1152 and 2880*1800 screen resolutions.
Fixed undefined behavior in CRC calculation
Typos fixed
High level Thrones didn't spread more dominion
'l' to send item to lab didn't work properly
Wraith Lord from Ghost Riders looked wrong
Crystal Throne and Throne of Knowledge had wrong dominions spread
Reduced chance of starting behind rivers or mountain passes
Tainted Presence affliction
Transformed priests could not be blessed
Unclaiming of thrones now happens before victory and before income
Bless effects were not always removed when losing a throne
Set name of home province even on maps with fixed province names
Fixed UW shark knight defence
Removal of smouldercones that could be created by incorrect random events in 4.05
Don't print 'army routed' for Vengeance of the Dead
Wrong popup text for Dispel ritual
Helheim can no longer trace income across oceans
Special random names for wastes and farm coasts.
More random province names
Random maps with <500 provinces will never have any duplicate names.
Tower of the Moon changed to summon Dire Wolves
Serpent King got nature 1 in snake form too
Innate Spellcasters skipped every other scripted spell
Events can yield horror marks
Select unit shows more of the more interesting targets and at least 2
Floating units were not immune to Earth Attack
Lure of the Deep could crash the game
Battle log details for Ethereal, luck, etc.
Non artifact items can be unique
Poison from poison dagger ignored etherealness
Improved spell info for some spells
Lance is now before second weapon
Population capped at 300000
Enchantment and dispel strength was calculated incorrectly
Tome of High Power boosts ritual range
Ichtytaur had wrong shape change
Arcane Nexus got more basic income
Acorn Necklace shockres 5 -> 15
Ice forging icon
Multiple secondary spell effects works now
Communion slave/master icons
Ambidextrous icon
New monster: Flame Spirit
Magic for some secondary shapes for gift of reason purpose
Raiding could crash the game
Trade Wind could be cast on non coastal provinces
No items found in messages for defeating sneaking enemy
Wrong message when a third party fights outside a castle
Added missing description for Cleansing Chime
Certain effects (e.g. blood vengeance) are no longer affected by mirror image
Reinvigoration now removes all (up to 200) fatigue
Burning ground should look correct on fast forward now
Shape changing back to original form after battle didn't work
'c' to view combat spells only
'g' to view globals only
Can no longer yank Monument with harpoon
Ziz couldn't fly during storms
Give pretender capital as home province
Shapechange starting pretenders if necessary
More + info on spells
Improved popup info for storm power
Heroes get capital as home province
Improved pluralization of unit names
Red warning when having an impossible throne setting
New start options for random maps: --mapdscol, --mapccol
Air Bless gives range bonus
Slave Markets and some other sites are less common
Fix for slow rec with limited resources
Vine Bow now has on hit effect instead of on damage
Black bow of Botulf now affects on damage
Some magic bows got 1 increase in damage
Units without headslots didn't die from soulslay
Monster fish can damage large targets
Icons for dominion scale changing effects
More likely to use gems against small armies of only mages
Some spells will never be cast unless scripted (communions + VoR)
Improved battle log details
3rd player assassins could assassinate besieged units too
Items of enslaved commanders have a chance of being found now
Gelatinous Cube now got an Acid Splash defensive ability
Swallow on trample no longer swallows those who evade the trample
Vile Water ritual cost 8 -> 4
New Worm Mage sprite

Don't charge with centaur archers
AI can now upgrade forts
Spell AI less likely to target immobilized units

Automatic mod downloading of mods in network games
New switch: --nodownlmods to skip automatic mod download
Improved mod error checking
New nation mod commands: #cavenation, #coastnation
Changed names to #restricteditem and #userestricteditem
Removing a secondary path from an existing spell made it unchoosable
Fixed random priest level
Command #undeadonly didn't work
New commands: #guardspirt, #guardspiritbonus, #restricted, #userestricted
Mod sanity check button to check for missing files

Version 4.05

Story events
Press 'i' for province info and history
New pretenders: Maharishi, Raksharani and the Celestial Carp
Shrinked affliction was not properly permanent
A map could appear twice in load maps, fixed
Map fixes (wrong terrains and incorrect connections)
No separate messages for items found after battle
New weapon effect: Lesser swallow (can only be used on human size or smaller)
Hill Giant got 'grab and swallow' attack
Vafur flames improved
Items in forge that are too high level are shown, but grayed out
Shift+tab to go backwards in graphs
Shift+click to reverse AI difficulty selection
Dark skies had -1 penalty in non dominion too, fixed
Press 9 to show province names on map in map editor
Button to change province name color in map editor
Volume setting no affects 'new turn ready' sound too
Gave a lot of maps black province names
Green highlight on allies when choosing receiver for message
Description fixed for Oceania and more
Message when God is recalled
Forest Troll Tribe summons 15 trolls and cheaper
Celestial Chastisement didn't enslave
Lifeless weren't immune to Bloodletting
Umbral summons corrected
Speed up particle effects too when fast forwarding
Ice weapons are not affected by fire bless
Whip of command commands more but gives morale penalty
Scale Walls ability for some assassins
Improved information for targets of Wrath of God and some other powerful spells
Boots of the Messenger reinvigoration 2 -> 3
Red numbers for Vortex of Unlife too
Fixed starting age for Golem and some other constructs
Bunch of maps didn't support wrapping properly
The hero Sialuk got his proper name now
Fix scrollbar when choosing nation to play
Need not eat canceled gluttony and supply bonuses, fixed
New look for elf shot
Sprites from summon sprites shoots instead of doing a flying charge
Wraith Lord commander for ghost riders is back
Improved weapon info
HP capped at 10000.
T'ien Chi will no longer get land troops in underwater PD.
T'ien Chi also gets indep commander at PD 20.
Swallowed units are killed hard at end of battle.
It was possible to start underwater with overwater nation on Talis map.
Print heal effect in site info.
Never create provinces with no exits
More restrictive showing of the map raid symbol.
Alt+home = select prophet
Robe of Caelius the Druid resistances 5 -> 10
The Iron and Silver throne spreads 2 dominion
Print actual worth of thrones from when game was started
Seasonal mages
Fire and death bless arrows now requires a hit to take effect
Banefire bow no longer armor piercing
Starting client with --ipadr cleared old connections.
Improved detection of dead prophets
Don't get an arena prize you already have
Make sure old arena prizes don't get put in the lab
Ethereal didn't help vs maggots spell
Hidden in snow can now be cast in border mountains too
Added a few names for Marverni females
Victims of random event assassins didn't disregard orders
Flags and timer shown during network play
Pretenders and some unique monsters knows more spells when independent
Can click on flags on network screen, right click gives info
Improved victory screen
Transformation ritual could result in a shapeshifter eagle
Support for fancy 4K resolutions
Improve event message for curses
Made two magic raising sites unique
Thrones are now sorted by dominion spread
Sea province size didn't work for Bunch of random maps.
New tips
Grey out all spells that cannot be cast due to terrain requirements.
Battle music did not stop when pressing 'q' during zoom in.
AI forge improvements
Population cap to prevent overflow
Aging remade so magic items can protect from magic aging effects
2 magic items will now accelerate aging
Dementia could not be healed, fixed
Item levels were incorrectly added regarding random event magic boost.
Battle orders weren't ignored during manifestation
Blood feast affliction wasn't permanent.
New province names
Draw size fix for retinue
Choose item from magic item treasury screen when sending message
Very easy research setting
Disabling animated background removes nebulas too
Better era sorting in View Pretenders screen
Sanitize filenames before saving maps
Fixed heightfield clipping bug (visible on the lower planes)
Fixed bug in random numbers
Krakens got recuperation.
Sea Trolls and Sea Dragon got darkvision
Fixed darkvision for water queens.
Many stat fixes
Many typos fixed

AI improved item distribution
AI improved thug creation
AI improved research item creation

Changed OSX priority for finding data directory
Mac version no longer default to multiple CPUs for AI processing

#defector should work now
New commands: #deathpower and #deathrec
Different maxages for shape changer forms now only prints a warning
possible to combine e.g. #nodemon and #noundead
#iceprot always had 2 as value
Commands #onlygeosrc, #onlygeodest, #likesterr, #hatesterr didn't work

Version 4.04

This patch fixes a whole bunch of bugs and also improves the performance and reliability of very large games. A Wait command has also been added to remove a commander from the 'n' (next commander) cycle.

Message for assassination failed due to no commanders
Memory overwrite during merc creation fixed (could affect research on Mac).
Rivers and mountain passes are taken into account for team clustering
Reanimated units etc are now put in garrison if the reanimator doesn't already command units.
Experience bonus for HP and Enc shown in details
Banefire strike was a fire attack
Many huge skirmish squads could lead to a "no space left on bg" crash.
New order 'wait' to be removed from 'n' cycle
New shortcut 'J' for seduce
Changed shortcut 'Q' for capture slaves and 'W' for wait
Event fixes
Many typos fixed
Dominion no longer shown when browsing disciples
Orania map fixes
Imprisoned was not printed in "View Created Pretenders"
Ermor could spawn Lictors that drowned.
Siege progress report was incorrect for castles with extra buildings.
Healers no longer affect inanimates
Make sure units never start with bleeding
Fixed increasing popup on spell info page
Slow aging and affliction removal from Gift of Health didn't work on allies.
Lawgiver (feathered serpent form) had wrong path cost.
Improved cd key violation message
It was not possible to strike ethereal units inside walls.
Arcane Nexus didn't work if it was the first global.
Area effect from Unquenched Sword didn't work.
It was possible to attack across unfrozen rivers sometimes
--verify will also work for modded nation now
Astral mages no longer cuts off cords from allies
Swamp survival from boots didn't help against Quagmire
Global overpopulation can affect commanders too
It was not possible to inspect commanders near the end of the global limit
Disbelieve was broken
Fixed missing connection on frostlands map
Fixed map error in Glory multiplayer
An event could incorrectly bring zero gems
Mindless units did not get any castle defence penalty
About 25% faster host time when there are no or few battles
Maximum amount of messages increased, should fix missing scout reports
Bodyguards could disappear after assassination
Weakness was never cast
Vengeance of the Dead didn't work
Djinn now looks correct
Maximum number of commanders slightly increased 9900 -> 9990

AI performance improvement
AI players less likely to have a very low dominion score
Some AI tweaks
AI players could recall imprisoned gods
AI processing uses multiple CPUs by default on Linux and Mac

More summoning rituals support montag
New nation mod command #uwbuild
Item mod commands called #spr... didn't work

Added raspberry pi build
Uses link time optimization for a little extra performance

Version 4.03 (Cave Patch)

This patch focuses on caves. Agartha has got many improvements like new units, pretender gods, national spells, heroes, unique names and improved income from cave provinces. Early Agartha has now also got the means to open the seals they guard with a new ritual and release whatever horrors are within. Caves on random maps will now sometimes be cave forests which provides more income than ordinary caves. There are also some new spells to summon cave monsters that can only be cast in caves.

Major changes to Agartha in all three ages (details at the end)
Extra income/resources in caves for some nations
Rebalancing for summoning spells
Typos fixed
Descriptions updated
New magic item: Storm Spool
Some battle sound effects where not affected by volume setting
Swallower could try to chase after already swallowed units
Ether Gate raises magic level
Ermor can buy 1 defence in pop 0 provinces now
Random event fixes
Dementia got cured when removing items
Fix for units with missile weapons in wrong order and a lost arm
Random caves did not get cave names, fixed
Blood sacrifices by disciples did not work properly
Medallion of vengeance improved
Spells that required a second path were not grayed out properly
No snow/rain in caves
New cave critters
New cave indeps
Indep Abysians (lava-born)
Undead cannot bleed in Credits
Tough monsters would stay behind troops instead of attacking, fixed.
--quiet now prints less
Secondshape don't heal afflictions
Global event darkness works now
Improved pluralization of unit names
--newgame for scripts that want to create new games
Innate spellcasters didn't always cast their spells
New graphics for Weapons of Sharpness
Nation restrictions persisted after canceling out of a scenario
Horrors that refuse to rout do not get -4 to att/def
Truly ethereal beings could be invisible
Bubbles in non deep water were incorrect
Never shape change into forms that drown
New terrains: Cave forests and cave seas with proper looks
Could start network game with disciples without a team
It was possible to fire rear by using shortcuts
Rectangular maps were cut off in map preview.
Network bug after you had lost and reconnected fixed
Print battle message when units flee off the battlefield
Some afflictions were not printed correctly
New god title
Commanders with priest magic are now always considered sacred
Max 50% damage in limbs now takes modified max HP into account.
Units fleeing from random events disappeared form world
Limited recruitment of 2+ different unit types at once didn't work
Mid R'lyeh can now recruit Hybrid Commander in coastal forts
New spell: Unleash Imprisoned Ones
New spells: Bind Penumbral, Summon Penumbrals, Summon Umbrals, Olm Conclave
New spells: Hall of Statues, Revive Cavern Wights
New spells: Living Mercury, Nightmare Construction, Animate Mercury
New cave spells: Summon Cave Cows, Summon Cave Crab, Summon Cave Grubs, Hidden Underneath
About 35 new units and monsters, mostly related to caves and Agartha.

Fix for reanimation
AI bid for mercs was incorrect, fixed
AI recruitment priorities improved
Improved AI spell targeting
AI will recruit more spies

Fixes for BigBlackPeaks
Fixed missing connection on Frosted Lands
Map command #nonamefilter didn't work
Removed preset province names on Valanis map
Black text color for Valanis map
Fixed battle look for floating islands on Valanis map
--rugedness, to set random map rugedness from command line
Maps with #defence >100 would crash, fixed
Cave forests on random maps
Bunch of random maps now uses rugedness setting too
More names for plain and forest provinces

New monster mod commands: #indepmove, #cleanshape, #reanimator, #defector, #nohof
New monster mod commands: #reqlab, #reqtemple
Pink shadow when highlighting modded units fixed
Modding: #cold... commands didn't work
Game could crash when adding names to a new nametype
Modding: Master Smith value can be negative
Modding: makemonsters work with negative values too
New mod nations could not be selected for network play
Scoregraphs for new mod nations could not be hidden
New monster and item mod commands: #deathfire, #deathparalyze
Mod banners placed at the right edge of widescreen displays too
New mod commands #deserter, #horrordeserter
It was possible to make the game freeze with incorrect shape modding commands

Changes to EA Agartha
- Earth Made Flesh
- Pillar
- Ancient Wet Ones
- Olm Sage (in caves and womb of earth)
- Great Olm (in caves and womb of earth)
- Members of the Closed Council x3 (death, forests, water)
- Deepthought descr
Sites: (a one time event should add the new sites in ongoing games)
- Womb of the Earth
- Release Imprisoned Ones.
- Barathrus & Rhuax needs site: Roots of the Earth.
- Living Mercury
- Cavern Wights (EA - no magic weapons) - altered cost and available EA
- Penumbral
- Umbral

Changes to MA Agartha
- Earth Made Flesh
- Pillar
- Defender of the Halls
- Shard Guard
- Ancient One +1 att, +1def, throw rocks, descr fix, better armor, standard +1
- Ancient Lord +1 att (IIRC)
Sites: (a one time event should add the new sites in ongoing games)
- Halls of Oracles no longer gives gems
- Roots of the Earth
- Broken Seal
- Attentive statues, sentinels lvl and cost
- Olm Conclave
- Umbral more efficient
- Penumbral more efficient
- Living Mercury
- Shard Wights - replaces cavern wights in MA and LA
- Hall of Statues (many sentinels)

Changes to LA Agartha
- Pillar
- Master Alchemist
- Alchemists
- Sappers throw cave fire
- Blindlord ldr
- Master of Alchemical Secrets
- Nightmare Reanimation
- Shard Wights
- Halls of the Dead
- Penumbral and Umbral efficient (like in MA)
- Iron Ancestor spell cost and unit stat fix
- Iron corpse spell cost and numbers
- Nation-restricted Barrel of Mercury

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