About Dominions 5

Introduction for New Players

Dominions is a complex game, but it is not hard to learn the basics. You can probably learn how to play just by experimenting, but if you are new to the series you are advised to watch the introduction videos to learn how to set up a game and start playing. Starting a game and playing around a little before watching the videos is not a bad idea either, it will be easier to grasp the video after having tried the game first.

Watching one of the videos should give you some good advice and some idea of what you're doing. Of course, reading the main manual is also a good idea if you want to learn more about the game. Especially when you want to dive into the details or get access to the tables of spells and forgeable items.

Main Manual

The main manual is an essential read if you want to learn about the Dominions universe and the rules that govern it. It is recommended for both new and experienced players.
Dominions 5 Manual (downloadable pdf)

A proper printed manual brings extra enjoyment to the game and you can order a printed Dominions 5 manual from It is about 385 pages long in full color and costs $22.80. There is also a black & white Dominions 5 manual available for $7.39.

Quick Introduction Videos

The first video demonstrates how to setup and play a quick game of Dominions 5. This video advances much quicker than the Beginner's Guide Videos, but can be a good place to start to get a hang of the overall concept. The second video gives a few tips to new Dominions players.

More Detailed Introduction Videos

here are two youtube playlists with videos that can help you to understand the game and learn enough to beat the AI.
Dominions 5 Beginner's Guide (by Das Tactic)
Dominions 5 Strategy (by General Confusion)

Map Making Manual

The map making manual is only useful for those who want to create their own maps.
Dominions 5, Map Making Manual
Videos on Dominions 5 map making

Modding Manual

The modding manual is most useful for anyone who wants to create a mod for Dominions 5. Another good idea is to download an existing mod and see how it is constructed.
Dominions 5, Modding Manual
Dominions 5, Event Modding Manual

Technical Manual

The technical manual contains a list of command line options, environment variables and ways to control a network server from a script. It is probably only useful if you want to automate Dominions 5 in some manner.
Dominions 5, Technical Manual

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