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About Illwinter
Illwinter Game Design
Illwinter Game Design started sometime in the 1990s by making a fantasy themed strategy game for the Atari called Conquest of Elysium. Actully the company was called Bogus Game Design then, but that name had some drawback so we changed it to Illwinter a few years later.

We create games that focus on depth and lasting playability. Animation sequences are intentionally kept simple to allow us to stuff more monsters and spells in the game than any other game, except possibly a roguelike. They don't have any graphics for the monsters after all. Random worlds are also an important feature in our games. We like to play the games when developing them and without much randomness that would not be very fun.

Out next game was Dominions. A deep strategy game that in its third incarnation features over 1500 different units, over 600 spells and over 300 magic items.

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